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About The Company

Blue Line Pressure Washing, LLC's Logo

Blue Line Pressure Washing was founded by Edward Chrisman in July of 2019. The original idea behind the company was to be a small one-man operation. In 2021 Justin McDonald join the company as a partner.

Blue Line Pressure Washing is a family owned and operated company. All employees will be treated like family and have a voice within this company. Our goal is to create a workplace that is fun, inclusive, and safe and keeps our employees taken care of promoting loyalty. Organization Charts will be posted in all offices to show the path forward for all employees.

A Word from Eddie, the Owner & Operator

Blue Line Pressure Washing will always look to promote employees from within and recruit entry level techs rather than recruiting management who have no loyalty to the company. I'm proud to offer a wide range of pressure washing and exterior cleaning services to customers throughout our service area. Whether you need help with exterior house washing, window cleaning, roof cleaning, concrete cleaning, or any other type of pressure washing, I'm here to help. My team and I take pride in our work and always strive to exceed our customers' expectations. From my attention to detail to our commitment to using the highest quality equipment and cleaning solutions, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch service at an affordable price.

Thank you for considering Blue Line Pressure Washing, LLC for your pressure washing and exterior cleaning needs. We look forward to working with you soon!

Our Core Value

  • Kaizen- Change for the better and continuous improvement. Continuously improve operations and include employees in the change and improvement process. Always staying up to date with learning and education to provide the best service.

  • Excellence- Demonstrating excellence in our product that is provided to our customers as well as in our personal lives. Can’t see it from my house is never an acceptable result or answer for our work. NO SHORTCUTS. Deliver on our commitments to our clients, our team, and ourselves above the normal standard.

  • Teamwork- In all things we operate as a team. We will show ourselves and our customers that there is no better team out there. Teammates lift each other up and help one another improve daily.

  • Safety- No amount of money is worth your life. We are committed to operating a safe work environment for ourselves, our customers, and anyone who may be in, around, or near our jobsites.

Our Team

A photo of Eddie, Blue Line Pressure Washing, LLC's CEO

I was born and raised in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, graduating from Musselman High School in Inwood. I then served as a Martinsburg Police Office for 11 years, after which I found a passion for pressure washing and the satisfaction of cleaning the dirt and grime. I enjoy spending time with my family and playing video games. I love this company and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve this community.

A photo of Justin, Blue Line Pressure Washing, LLC's COO

I have served as the COO since 2018 at the inception of Blue Line Pressure Washing, LLC as it is today. While I may be part time, I am a 20+ year airman with the United States Air Force and a 10-year federal employee. I also served as a municipal police officer with CEO Eddie Chrisman for almost 10 years. I serve as mostly and consultant role with Blue Line and on a warm, sunny, not so windy, near perfect day, you may actually see him on the truck. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and playing video games.

A photo of Stephan, Blue Line Pressure Washing, LLC's Lead Wash Tech
Lead Wash Tech

I am a lead wash technician with Blue Line Pressure Washing. I was born and raised in West Virigina and graduated from Hedgesville High School. I served in the United States Marine Corp from 2008-2012 with two overseas deployments. I am a big family person so I tend to spend all my free time with them. I am grateful and fortunate to be a part of the company.

A photo of Evan, Blue Line Pressure Washing, LLC's Lead Wash Tech
Lead Wash Tech

I am born in Maryland but have lived in West Virginia for 16 years. I have been with Blue Line Pressure Washing since its second year in business. My favorite part of working for this company is the people I work with and making the customers happy once a job is finished. I enjoy fishing, sports and hanging out with family and friends.

A photo of Jennifer, Blue Line Pressure Washing, LLC's Office Manager
Office Manager

I am born and raised in Rockville, Maryland and came to West Virgina for college. I graduated from Shepherd University with a bachelors in business management. After that I marries Eddie and started with Blue Line Pressure Washing in March of 2020. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I love spending time with family and friends, I am looking forward many years to come in this great company.

A photo of Sam, Blue Line Pressure Washing, LLC's Customer Service Representative
Customer Service Representative

I work in the office and been with the company since the end of 2023. I love soccer and have played for almost my whole love up until middle of 2023. Outside of work I love spending time with family and friends, and I love going to concerts. My favorite concert that I've been to is the Eras Tour.

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