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Brick Walkway Cleaning in Martinsburg, WV

We got a call to come out a take a look at these brick walkways that had a lot of tree cover and were looking dark and old. We were able to bring some life back into these brick walkways and make the […]

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Deck Cleaning in Martinsburg, WV

This deck was about 10 years old and had only been painted once but had not been cleaned in about 6 years. From looking at the picture the deck was returned to its nature wood color. Looks amazing!! […]

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Roof Cleaning in Martinsburg, WV

This was a roof wash in Martinsburg, WV. At the time, this house was 15 years old, and the roof had never been cleaned. Once we finished, you could see the roof was a different color. It looks almost […]

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Play Ground Cleaning in Martinsburg, WV

At the height of Covid we were called out to a housing development to clean the germs off this playground so the parents would feel comfortable letting their kids play. We were amazed at hou […]

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Trash Can Cleaning in Martinsburg, WV

Outside trash cans take a huge hit when it comes to being dirty. This trash can had been used for about a year. We were about to make it look that pretty yellow color again. Looks like the day it was […]

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Fence Cleaning in Martinsburg, WV

This was a white privacy fence that had not been cleaned in many years. The owner could not believe how clean the fence came and they commented that it looked almost brand new. They were extremely ha […]

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House Washing in Martinsburg, WV

This house had years of neglect, had not been cleaned in 15 years. The owners were unsure of how the house washing was going to come out. They were extremely happy and told us they would be calling a […]

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House Wash In Martinsburg, WV

We were requested to remove a bunch of dirt and algae from a house in Martinsburg, WV. This job was completed using our downstreaming method. Removing the dirt from the house siding makes it look alm […]

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House Cleaning in Hedgeville, WV

This house wash was completed in July, 2021. We were asked to removed some dirt and algae from a house in heavily shaded area with lots a trees. After washing this house it was returned to it nice ye […]

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House Cleaning in Charles Town, WV

This was a house wash in Charles town, WV. We were requested to remove green algae from the siding on the house. This job was completed in November, 2021. House Cleaning Gallery […]

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House Wash in Ranson, WV

This beautiful home in Ranson, WV had dark discolored gutters. Now their gutters look brand new! Gutter brightening will remove those black streaks and dark discoloration within your gutter, increasi […]

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