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How often should I get my house Pressure Washed?

Every customer has a set of questions before, during, or after they hire me or pretty much any other Exterior Cleaning Company. One of the most common questions is….. “When should I get it washed again?”

The answer is that it depends….I know that is a whole lot of no help at all. People like the easiest answer not because we are lazy or anything like that but because we like to know so we can budget for it or be ready for it and stay on top of it. Well the truth is that every home is different. If your home is like mine then the answer is every 16-24 months. Does that mean you wont need your house cleaned again for two years? Maybe….maybe not. Mold and algae grow at different rates dependent upon environmental factors. Often times mold or algae begins to grow before we notice it but as a general rule I tell my customers that they should consider getting their home washed every two years. But to keep an eye on the home every so often and if you notice the mold or algae coming back then go on and give us a call and get on the schedule. Washing more than once a year is however completely unnecessary.

Regular cleanings help keep your home looking its best and keeping the curb appeal of your home at its best. Now the title to this post is somewhat misleading. The title How often should I get my house Pressure Washed…..that answer is actually you shouldn’t. Using high pressure to wash your home can easily lead to damage even if you cant see it. High pressure can move oxidation and cause the siding to look faded or marked up or even poke holes in the siding. It is for these reasons that we actually don’t pressure wash your home instead we use a method called Softwashing. We will dig into that in another post though.

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