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Making money doing what you love.

Anyone remember or ever heard the country song “If I could make a living” by Clay Walker? Part of the lyrics are if I could make a living out of loving you I’d me a millionaire in a week or two I’d be doing what I love and loving what I do…..anybody singing that song in their head yet? If so let me know in the comments below, I would greatly appreciate the feedback. Anyway can you be a millionaire by making money in a career or job that you love? I don’t honestly know but I believe most people who are millionaires other than pro athletes and entertainers are business owners who struck it big. To be honest with you I have no real desire to be a millionaire but at the same time I have no desire to be miserable at what I do or to scrape by week by week praying I have enough money to pay my bills. I have been there more times than I would like to admit. It is scary it is stressful and amount other things it is no fun whatsoever. When I first moved out of my parents home I thought ok this is it I am on my own now and I can do this. Boy was I wrong. Thank God for my mom and dad always being there to help guide me. My parents were never rich nor did they have a lot of money. My dad grew up on a farm and then worked in factories for as long as I can remember. Mom cleaned houses for a living and they both busted their butts everyday to make sure us kids had what we needed. Now dad is gone and I sure do miss him but there is something that he taught me that I will always be thankful for and that is how to work hard. Mom also taught me how to work hard and be thankful for everything I have. Now 14 years later I am a Husband, Father, Home Owner, and a Business Owner. Now some of those businesses I had were terrible. I hated the work I hated leaving everyday at 7am and coming home at dark. Missing softball games for my girls and only seeing them for maybe an hour a day. I started out as a handyman then converted to landscaping, took a job at Kohl’s as a Loss Prevention Associate while still working my business on the side. Was it fun? Nope. Did I learn anything? Absolutely! I learned if I was going to be a business owner I was going to have to do something that both made money and brought me joy.

Using the lessons I learned to hopefully help you skip some of the headaches and heartbreaks of starting your business. That is my goal for this post.

First and foremost understand that there is no shortcut to having a successful profitable business. Your business will require a lot of hard work. Im talking blood, sweat, and tears kinda work. We are talking long work weeks and days. But if you do it right and you put in the work and you are doing something you love it will be worth it. I’m not going to pretend I have all the answers to being an entrepreneur because I definitely do not. But before you jump head first into business decide what it is that you want. Ask yourself these questions then you should have a pretty good starting point. Why are you starting a business? Do you want to be full time on your business or is it a side hustle? What skills do you have? What type of work do you absolutely love doing? Can you make a decent living out of this work that you love? How much do you need to invest to get started?

Those are some good starting questions and by answering them you should start to develop some other questions to ask yourself and get a good feel for what you want to do to get started. I am living proof that you can find something you love and make money doing it. I love the exterior cleaning industry. I love making people happy. I love the satisfaction of watching the grime and dirt and algae being removed from surfaces that I clean. Heck I love watching it when other people have done it. I still get excited when I look at my before and after pictures or when I watch a YouTube video of another exterior cleaning company cleaning a surface the proper way and watching the filth just melt right off. It’s freaking awesome! You know what else I love? Helping other people succeed. Again I am no wizard and I do not have all the answers but I will help you in any way that I can and if I don’t have an answer to your question I will do my absolute best to help you find the right answer to your question. So please feel free to leave your questions in the comments below. If you would rather not ask in the comments then by all means give us a call tell Jen you want to talk to me about starting your business or that you have questions for me in general and she will have me call you or if I am around she will say here this person wants to talk to you. She doesn’t give me an option if I am there and you ask for me she just walks up to me even if I am mid game on the xbox getting shot at by another ship in online mode of Starwars she doesn’t care because our customers come first and my online score will just have to plummet. But to be honest I don’t mind. As much as the big kid in me loves video games I still love helping people more.

Thanks for reading. Leave any thoughts, questions, complaints, or suggestions in the comment section below. I greatly appreciate your feedback.


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