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Softwash Blend Manifolds purpose and how to use them.

Softwash Blend Manifolds are a powerful tool to help you on your day to day operation of your softwashing business. They give you the ability to change mix ratios on the fly and achieve a wide variety of tasks. In this article we are going to compare using a Blend Manifold and the batch mixing process. Now with that being said there is no reason that Batch Mixing can’t be done. And in no way am I saying there isn’t a time and place for Batch Mixing.

Blend Manifold VS Batch Mixing

Batch Mixing is achieved by premixing your solution prior to the jobs. For example. You plan to wash a 1200 square foot home. You take your lets say 15 gallon tank and add 11 gallons of water and 4 gallons of 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite. You then add 15oz of your favorite surfactant. Is that strong enough or too strong for a house wash? At that mix you are a somewhere around 3-3.5% mix of Bleach or Sodium Hypochlorite. Too strong for a house wash maybe a good start for a roof cleaning though. Ok so we have some more math to do in order to achieve a house wash mix. Wait….what if they want both the roof and the house washed. Do I carry two tanks? Should I get a bigger batch mix tank? How much chemical do I carry with me? You could always do the roof first then add water after to whatever is left and keep track of the math while you are at it. Or you could use a Blend Manifold and eliminate the headaches and carrying around jugs of chemical. Our Blend Manifolds come with 180 degree metering valves. So to make it simple if you open the bleach line and the water line both all the way you are at a 6.25% mix. If you open the bleach line only half way then you are at about a 3.125% mix. Now lets take that to opening it 1/4 of the way. That takes you to about 1.5% mix which is perfect for a really dirty house. So now we know if we want to do a house wash we are going to crack that bleach line about a quarter of the way open or maybe a little less to achieve a 1-1.5% mixture. We finished washing the house and we have a moderately dirty roof so lets open that bleach line up to about halfway or a touch more for a moderately dirty roof and you have your roof wash mix just like that.

Blend Manifold Types

There are two common types of manifolds. The ones built with Pentair Valves which are ok in my opinion. I prefer the ones with the GF Valves as they are much more sturdy and last longer. I have had too many experiences with the Pentair Valves cracking and allowing air leaks into the system to make me feel comfortable using them. You can absolutely buy the parts to build your own valve but if you would rather purchase one visit

You can also check out our YouTube Video on Blend Manifolds for more information.

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