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Three biggest reasons I strive to be the best.

Today I am going to tell you about the three biggest reasons I strive to be the best at what I do. We all know that being the best at what you do every time you do it is a great way to keep customers happy and business flowing. We all find motivation in different places some find it in the amount of money they can make. Some find it in freedom to be their own boss. Whatever your reasons are as long as they work for you then they are good reasons. So what are my reasons? My biggest reason is my family. I have three wonderful daughters one 13, one 11, and one nearly 2. That 2 year old is a handful. So much energy really need to find a why to siphon some just so I can keep up with her. I have also been married for 6 years and she is a wonderful step mother to the older two daughters and mother to the youngest. They all depend on me everyday to be my best and they are my biggest motivator to be the best at what I do so that they may have the life that they both need and deserve. I will be doing a detailed post on them later this month.

Now onto reason number two. It is you! Yes you the person reading this post you are the reason that I strive to be my best. You are the customer you’re the people who allow me to provide my services to you. So it only makes sense that keeping you happy is a big motivator for me to be the best. Your home is one of the biggest investments if not the biggest investment you will ever financially make. For that reason and that reason alone you deserve to have the ability to hire contractors and service workers who you can trust and who you know realize how important your home is to you and they want to help you protect and improve that investment. One of the greatest feelings in the world to me is when I knock on a customers door and say “you’re all finished” and that customer comes out and says something like “wow” or “oh my gosh it looks amazing” it makes you feel really good as a contractor to know your customers are happy and excited about the results of a job that you did for them.

And finally we arrive at reason number three. Now this one kind of ties back in with reason number one so bare with me. We know now that I am motivated by providing for my family and making sure they have a good life. But what good is that if I can’t be there with them to enjoy it. When you provide your best service everyday you get to stay in business because your customers are happy and keep coming back to you and sending their friends and family to you so you have that steady stream of income and your business stays profitable enough to allow you to keep doing what your doing. Now prior to having my own business I worked at the Police Department for 11 years which I loved (most of the time) then I worked in retail for a little bit and one thing I have found is neither is very good when you have a family. Constantly away from your family either working or in court or in some cases asleep when they are awake because you are on night shift is miserable. You can’t enjoy your family if your not with your family. So by being the best and keeping business profitable I am actually home every evening with my girls all of them and of course my little buddy Crush who is the only other male in my house albeit he is the dog but he is my buddy and we are best friends.

There you go those are my three reasons to strive to be the best. I know this is a website about my pressure washing business but nothing says I can’t use it as a way to connect with you guys on a personal level and also help out others who may be considering starting their own business. There will be pressure washing specific posts to this blog but there will also be personal posts and self help posts and how to posts for starting businesses. If you have a question or a topic you would like to discuss or read more about just let me know in the comments section. Check out our YouTube Channel and Facebook page for more updates, live videos, and a host of other content. Thanks for reading and I hope the rest of your day is outstanding!

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