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Working Vacation with my Wonderful Family

So as I write this in the final days of 2020 I am sitting on a patio next to a pool and for the first time in my life am able to sit outside in shorts and a tshirt without freezing. Obviously I am not in West Virginia at the moment! We are enjoying some much needed time away in Florida visiting Jen’s parents in there beautiful Florida home. Kara is much more active now then she was when we were last here just a few months ago in August. As I am writing this she is being held by my oldest daughter Tori and they are standing near the pool cage looking at the canal at the birds and the fish. So what am I doing working? Well I am trying to find the information that I need to begin doing business here in Florida. Don’t worry those of you who are my loyal customers in WV I am not leaving you. I am expanding but I am not leaving you. We are exploring the possibility of having two locations for our business and providing the same service that we provide to you guys in WV to the good people of FL. I won’t say where yet in FL because there is still a lot of preliminary things to work through and some things to square away details to iron out all that good stuff. But I am not the only person that will be working this week. Tori has expressed interest in writing. So what are we going to do about that? She is going to write a blog to post here in the next day or so and she is very nervous about it. So if you read it and you can find it in your heart to leave her a positive comment or two…only if it is deserving of such interaction of course please do so. But for now I am going to go enjoy a bit of family time before I need to spend all day tomorrow working!

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