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House Wash in Martinsburg

House Wash in Martinsburg

Our client in Martinsburg, WV, reached out to us with a request for a comprehensive home cleaning service, including house washing and concrete cleaning. Upon receiving their request, we promptly provided them with a detailed estimate, and once they accepted, we scheduled the services without delay.

The client's home had not undergone a thorough cleaning in several years, leading to an accumulation of algae, moss, and numerous spiderwebs. To address these issues, we applied our eco-friendly house wash solution to the exterior of the house. It was impressive to witness the transformation as the algae and moss changed from an unsightly green to a clean white appearance. Following this, we conducted a thorough post-wash rinse, effectively removing all organic growths and ensuring that spiderwebs fell off effortlessly.

In addition to house washing, we also performed a meticulous pressure washing of the concrete surfaces, eliminating dirt and grime from the surface. To enhance the longevity of the cleanliness achieved, we applied a post-treatment solution to keep the concrete surfaces cleaner for an extended period.

Location: Martinsburg, WV

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